Video Marketing

Put your business in the spotlight with online video.


Leveraging the Power of Video


Today, video is the preferred medium for researching businesses to hire. No other media comes close to gaining customer engagement and trust. Hexalinks will help you package your message into video marketing assets you can use for years to come, such as testimonials, ads, and instructional videos.

Video: The King of Content


The average American spends 4-5 hours of their daily media consumption on mobile, laptops, and desktops—where users typically engage in TV-esque activities (i.e. watching videos on online, scrolling through Instagram, or surfing Facebook and Youtube).

Today, social media heavily favors video in newsfeeds, making video vital to your firm’s visibility on these platforms.

However, with more than 2 million blogs posted every day, it’s going to take something extra to stand out. As consumer behavior continues to change, the average time spent reading a post is now down to 37 seconds. In contrast the average video length on YouTube is 4.4 minutes, making video fundamentally more captivating to your potential clients.

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