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Bundled services more often than not, are less the cost of one employee.

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 Image of computer with Hexalinks' web design services.

Web design

$75/hour — We provide you with a design, in any language you may want, using your preferred platform (SquareSpace, Wordpress, Wix, Shopify, and more).  No matter the task, we will work with you to devise the most cost- effective plan of action to meet your needs. Contact us for a free initial consultation to learn more. 

 Image of Hexalinks' website management services.

Website management

Variable monthly rate — Are you unhappy with your current web admin? Let us take over! We offer timely responses to your inquiries and requests for changes. Our team will respond within  24 hours, schedule the work for you, and let you know exactly when it will be completed. Best of all, you pay a flat monthly rate for great customer service and quality work.  

 Image of Hexalinks' whiteboard with notes for planning social media marketing strategy.

Social media marketing (smm)

Starting at $450/month — Our SMM specialists will create content and post on a weekly basis, create engaging graphics, edit videos, and much more.  If you're looking to build relationships with your clients and industry influencers through appropriate social media channels, we can help. 

 Image of Hexalinks graphic design staff creating a logo.

graphic design (branding)

Logo Design Starting at $250 — Do you need a new logo? Whether you're a startup business needing a new logo or an older business looking for an updated design, our creative team of graphic artists can craft a logo that defines your brand.

Variable Pricing — Looking for other graphic design work? We do that, too. Pricing is based on project needs. 

 Image of Hexalinks' consultation services for business planning, marketing planning and strategic development, and IT/software purchasing.


Business Planning and Operations Strategy: $100/hour —  Do you need help developing a business plan and building your business? Or maybe you have operational or organizational challenges? We have business experts who can assist in developing a plan to start a new business or to overcome challenges. 

Marketing Planning and Strategy: $100/hour — Many small businesses don't need full-time marketing staff, but do need the benefits of developing and implementing a strategic marketing plan. Many larger companies with dedicated marketing staff need assistance with specific marketing projects or tasks. Outsourcing your marketing needs to our experts will help you create and implement the perfect marketing plan for your business or complete special projects on deadline.  

IT/Software: $100/hour —  Before you purhase equipment or enter into a software contract or purchase agreement, talk with us. On average, we save clients 65% on initial start-up costs. We've seen many IT and software purchasing mistakes. Get expert advice up front to prevent costly and unnecessary expenditures.  

 Image of computer code for Hexalinks' web development services.

Web development

$75/hour — Do you need web applications developed, functionality fixed, testing performed? We've got you covered. Our specialist developers (PHP, Python, CSS, HTML) are ready to take on any project, including database design and implementation.

Variable monthly rate — We provide database management as well. Pricing is based on project requirements. 

 Image of computer screen using Hexalinks' SEO services.

Search engine optimization (seo)

Starting at $150/month —  Our SEO specialists provide optimization services using the latest tools and techniques. They will conduct research and provide reports on a monthly basis to track success. 

 Image of person looking at search engine marketing advertisement by Hexalinks.

Search engine Marketing (sem)

Starting at $150/month — SEM specialists will create search engine ads and develop a targeted audience for your business. We analyze ad results monthly and make any needed adjustments. 

 Image of staff discussing Hexalinks' development of a mobile app.

Mobile app design/development

$125/hour with payment plans available — A mobile app can increase revenue, operations effectiveness, and much more.  Accomplish tasks like letting your clients order products or services on the go. They'll love the convenience. You'll love the bottom line. 

 Image of Hexalinks' photography services example.


Starting at $55/hour — Our photography services help showcase your business. We know you're proud of what you've created, and quality photographs will help illustrate your successes.