#03 Road Map to Success

In Episode #03, we touch base on your strategy. We talk about how it is like a road map/directions and how you can travel off the route when you need to, but ultimately you want to stick to your plan. We also talk about an example of breaking your strategy for 2018 down by quarter, and how you might should look at various types of content for each throughout the year. 

#01 Dusting Off the Ol' Playbook-Developing a Marketing Plan

In this episode, we cover the three key elements to simple but effective marketing plan, that you can use in 2018 to help grow your business. We keep it simple, because we know most small businesses will not utilize a complex marketing plan. So have a listen, and please like and share us. You can also find the podcast on Apple Podcasts, GooglePlay, PocketCasts and more. 

HexaCast Introduction

Hey there folks, this is our introductory podcast to the new podcast we are developing named HexaCast-Better Value Digital Marketing. It is tailored to help educate and inspire small businesses to really learn how to market themselves and save them time, effort, and money by educating them on techniques and strategies that can work for them, not just giant businesses willing to pay $100,000's of dollars in advertising.