How to Make Killer Facebook Ads for Your Business

Facebook Ad Best Practices: How to Make Killer Ads

Facebook ads have been under attack lately, after the whole Cambridge Analytica Fiasco. At first, marketers were wondering if they should even still use them.

So should they? Yes! The changes Zuckerberg made to the Ad Manager and Ad Strategies are different, not worse.

The same techniques and Facebook ad best practices still apply. You just have to be more careful about the data you use to get them seen.

A professional can help you with all that but get some general Facebook ad tips below.

Start By Testing

You shouldn't put big money behind an ad unless you know it'll be well received. How do you know people will like it?

By testing the copy and the images. Facebook has a feature called AB testing, which allows two ads to run with the same setup. The only thing that's different is the copy you use or the image.

Facebook will run your AB ads for the certain amount of days you request, then tell you which comes out on top.

There's a setting for AB testing that stops running the less successful ad before the testing time is up. If you want to streamline the testing process, give Facebook Ads Manager permission to do that.

You'll save money and it'll let you know which ad comes out on top - even before the testing time is over.

What Do I Test?

Good Question! Testing ad copy and images can be the tiniest changes, like one word, or a different idea altogether.

Let's say you're doing some promotion that's sports related. You don't know whether your audience likes Team A or Team B - or both.

You can run your promotion ad set with Team A images and Team B images. The responses will give you an idea of where your audience stands.

If you're trying not to divide sports fans, you can test Team A or Team B(?) question ads against each other. Do they like seeing Team B first or Team A?

Test different images and text options to get the most bang for your buck.

Keep It Simple Silly

The rule, KISS, applies to about every aspect of marketing. Your images shouldn't be over-complicated.

People see tons of images a day. Marketers as a whole are assaulting people with images and information. Give them a break from that.

When you choose marketing images, make sure you're putting out something simple but to the point. If you're selling a type of surgery, what's the before and after look like?

before and after picture would make a great ad image, granted you got the person's permission.

A bad ad image for a type of surgery? A complex diagram of how the surgery works or a foreign-looking tool.

In general, giving people something they can relate to is always a safe strategy. People like before and after pictures, in this example, because they want to image the same results for themselves.

Use People Pictures

Yes, faces do better than non-faces in ad copy. Humans are hardwired to connect to other humans, even in a Facebook ad.

Try to use smiling models, even if it's a little vague. Make sure the images or stock photos you're using are relevant - don't choose a smiling model for a funeral home.

Your picture should say a thousand words about the service you're offering, not something someone does down the street!

Use Bright Colors

Think about the logos of the big internet-based companies. Facebook? Blue. Twitter? Blue. Tumblr? Blue. Internet Explorer? Blue.

Do you see where we're going with this? People like the color blue, but it's now over-used.

Don't use too much blue in your Facebook Ad image, it'll blend into Facebook's branding.

Avoid blacks and greys too, the eye skips over them because they don't cause visual interest.

Stick to colors like reds, oranges, and greens. Don't overdo it and make it look like you're advertising a circus, but have some visual points of interest.

You want someone who's scrolling to stop when they see your ad image before they know what it's for.

Don't Use Too Many Words

Facebook has a very strict 20% rule when it comes to text on images. It's a pain when you're creating an ad image with words, but it serves a good purpose.

Facebook is actually saving you money and making your ad spend more efficient with this rule.

Like we talked about before, people are overwhelmed with content. No need to shove words in their face in your ad copy and in your image. It's overkill!

Use User Generated Content

People relate to people, not brands. If you're lucky enough to have clients that interact with you on Facebook - use that as your ad strategy.

You'll need their permission before sharing their photo, but don't be afraid to ask. People love seeing actual interactions with brands, not just brands begging for interaction.

Google has a new feature where it creates images of positive reviews, check it out to use your stars to your advantage!

Don't Stay Static

Even if you find something that really works for your company, you want to change things up.

You can reuse successful ad campaigns, but make sure you change them out with something different every so often. You don't want people the glaze over your ad because they've seen it a thousand times.

Killer Facebook Ad Best Practices

The best Facebook Ad Best Practices are the ones that have a whole bunch of communication behind them. We're not talking about them communicating with your audience, but how the ad is set up in the first place.

If you're using a digital marketing agency, what do they know about your company? About your marketing goals? What kind of brand do you want to portray?

Sit down and talk to them about what you imagine for your brand and work as a team.

More brains = better ideas!