Frequently Asked Questions


We know you have questions, here a few frequently asked ones already answered for you. Don't see what your looking for? Click the link below. 

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How much does social Media marketing Cost?

Generally, we charge a flat-rate price of $450 per month plus the cost of any social media advertisements you decide to run based on our recommendation. This monthly fee covers all your social media accounts. We will provide 90% of the content; the rest you can do easily with your smartphone and a few minutes of your time each week. 

I don't want to spend a fortune for design work or graphics. how can i control those costs?

We offer flat-rate graphic design services so you know exactly how much you'll be spending. You sign up for a monthly contract, and we provide you with any designs you require at no additional charge.  You may cancel the subscription at any time. We can also provide a quote for producing graphic designs on a project basis.  

Why can't I just do social media and search engine marketing myself?

You can! But is managing your digital marketing what you envisioned doing when you started your business? Do you have the time, staff, and other resources to devote to implementing a viable marketing plan for your company? You will likely find that using our full suite of digital marketing services costs less than you'd pay for one employee per year. You get the benefit of focusing on the work you enjoy while we take care of the rest. 

Will you manage everything?

We live by the 90/10 rule when serving our clients. It's your business, and you need to participate for any marketing plan to be successful. We promise to do all the heavy lifting, but we rely on you for important elements. We ask that you supply us with pictures and videos as well as notes about events, services, or other activities associated with your business. The process is so easy that we'll show you how to do it from your smartphone! Then we take care of the rest. 

Are there contract COMMITMENTS?

We do ask that you sign an agreement with us to ensure we have an agreed-upon scope of work. You may cancel the contract at anytime ... and you can even hire us back later if you like! 

Can you guarantee results?

Nobody can guarantee results in digital marketing. Beware of scams that promise results that seem too good to be true. We do have a proven track record and can provide evidence of our success. We take great pride in our work, so you can also trust in the fact that we aren't happy if you're not happy.

How will you provide reports and how do we know what you have been working on?

At Hexalinks, we make every effort to keep our clients up-to-date. We send monthly reports outlining digital marketing performance as well as work completed and upcoming work scheduled. We will also teach you how to use analytics tools and set up appropriate dashboards so you have everything at your fingertips to track performance yourself. 

We also provide action lists detailing any recommended improvements or changes with a recommended completion time frame.

We believe in great customer service and maintain regular contact with our clients. We're always happy to schedule time to work with you in your business setting whenever needed.

What does digital marketing entail?

Digital marketing is a bit of a catch-all phrase to cover all the services we offer. There are likely different definitions, but in our case the term covers any online-based marketing, including

  • Web Design/Development
  • Mobile Apps
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Content Creation and Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation

What locations do you cover?

We enjoy being involved in our local community and serving companies in the northwest Georgia area. Our services are definitely not limited to a specific geographic area though. Because of the nature of our work, we can accept clients from anywhere in the world and are especially keen on client visits to warm, sunny places!

In all seriousness, distance may affect our ability to spend as much face-to-face time with some clients, but that doesn’t mean we won’t visit. More importantly, the distance between us and your business location won’t affect the performance of your marketing campaigns. We schedule regular Google+ hangouts, Skype, or other video conferences so you will always have an opportunity to see and speak to us regularly.